Alesis Coda Digital Piano Review

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Great quality and functions for the price
Plenty of options to hook up to external equipment
Useful duet mode with up to 50 complementing patterns
Built-in metronome
Transpose control
Full-size 88-key keyboard; touch sensitive
Convenient record and playback option
Plenty of connection options
Reliable features to help teach how to play the piano
Piano voices, built-in (Organ, Drawbar, Electric Piano, and Grand Piano)
Layer or split voices in two to create the right solo performance (Jazz Pub, Vienna Waltz, Slow Rock, etc.) to match the specific needs


Sound quality without the external addon-ons isn’t quite the best


Alesis has created a great quality digital piano with the Coda model which is practical for live musicians, teachers and students. It comes with plenty of useful features that make it possible to get a high-quality experience from one of the best digital piano under 1000 that is available on the market.

The Alesis Coda Digital Piano is a full featured musical instrument with 88-keys and a variety of functions to create the rich and versatile sound.

It is practical for virtually any reason where a full-size digital piano is required, while also giving great affordability and portability. For those in search of the best digital piano under 1000, we would strongly suggest the Alesis Coda Digital Piano for its sound quality and useful features.

This digital piano is a perfect choice for plenty of situations, such as houses of worship, theaters, schools, studio use, stage and students.

Built with ease of use and simplicity in mind, the Alesis Coda Digital Piano is subtle and elegant and packed with feature that make it really easy to be creative and produce the finest sounds.

Features You’ll Value

Good quality piano with rich sound, the Alesis Coda Digital has a nice array of features to make it easy to use and produce high-quality sound. Here are a few of the most appealing features:

Standard keyboard

This Alesis digital piano is designed with a full-size 88-key keyboard that makes it possible to easily cover the entire piano range. Plus, it has the ability to layer or split two voices simultaneously (sourced from the 20 built-in voices).

Built-in sounds

Includes an exclusive range of built-in sounds from developers like SONiVOX and AIR Music Technology who are industry leaders in creating the virtual instrument sounds

Pre-set songs

The Alesis Coda Digital Piano has the ability to play up to 60 pre-installed songs for easy in playing along or learning, while also giving the option of creating the personal songs and recording for later playback.

Get connected

With one of the best digital piano under 300 you’d expect it to include a few connection points and there is no reason to be disappointed with the Alesis digital piano. It includes a stereo 1/4inch aux input for ease in connecting external equipment, 1/4inch headphone outputs, aux 1/4inch output, midi din and USB-midi output.

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