Casio LK280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack

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Light up keys great for beginners

600 tones, 180 rhythms, and Chorus Digital effects

Step up learning system

USB port for MIDI

2 levels of sensitivity of touch

Can use SD cards


User manual a bit difficult to understand


The Casio LK280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply and Stand is a good option for beginners, as it comes with Casio’s Step-Up learning system, and light-up keys that help you learn and be entertained whilst you do it. This is a special pack that comes with a pair of headphones, power supply and stand, so you will have everything you need out of the box.

Looking for a good beginner keyboard? The Casio LK280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand comes with a 61-key Piano Style Touch Keyboard that has light up keys, which are very useful for beginners.


This keyboard will help any learner achieve results quite fast, as it comes with many tools that will help them improve with a visual guide. Their beginning in the music world will be full of fun and enthusiasm thanks to this keyboard.





As always, Casio provides USB connectivity on the Casio LK280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard. This way, it can be used with PC or MAC without downloading drivers or any complicated software.  With Class Compliant USB MIDI  you can use the piano as a controller for an iPad using an Apple Camera Connection kit. You can also use this USB port to connect an external speaker for extra loud sound.


Lighted keys, better learning

Casio knows how to do learning better than anybody else!  Thus you can see it with the combination of their lighted keyboard and the Step up lesson system. They sell more lighted keyboards than anybody, and probably this is one of the reasons.

Good beginner keyboard Casio LK-280

Big song library

The Casio LK280  Premium Keyboard Pack comes with a library of 152 songs, quite more than any of its class. So, no matter if you want to learn or just play along, you’ll find a song to do it too.



This Casio model has 48 notes of polyphony so no worries about dropping notes. As you know, when you use the pedal for multiple notes or playing big chords, adding rhythms or layering sounds it can saturate the memory making you lose notes. With the Casio LK280, this will not happen.


Preset Rhythms

The LK-280 has 180 preset rhythms built into the keyboard. Additional rhythms expand your music composition, creativity, and fun.



Learn with Step-up

The Casio LK280 comes with Step-Up learning system, which is comprised of 4 setups and 8 banks. This makes it a good beginner keyboard, as the learner can use it at his/her own rhythm.  There is a screen where the user can see the fingers they have to use and how, on both hands, and also the pentagram of the notes they are playing. It also comes with 50 songs for practice.


Whilst using the Step-up lessons, the songs are separated in smaller phrases, making it very easy to understand for everybody. The keyboard tells you to play a phrase of the song and when you have mastered it you can go on to the next one. Eventually, you will have learned the whole song. It even teaches you the correct fingering so you also learn proper posture.



Its recorder supports real-time recording and playback, with a capacity of approximately 12.000 notes (6 songs).


Headphones and stand included

Perfect if you want to practice in private or don’t want to make noise around you. The stand is also included so you can hold your books or music sheet while you practice.

Casio LK280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand

61-key keyboard

The Casio LK280 comes with a 61 piano-type standard key size keyboard, which makes it a good beginner keyboard to learn how to practice the music art. It also includes the key lighting system. It comes with 2 sensitivity levels of touch.


Sound engine

This keyboard comes with the AHL Sound Engine that includes 600 songs, 180 rhythms and a built-in DSP which lets you add effects to the mix, like Chorus an Reverb. The song bank has 152 songs (including the 50 practice songs). It also has an Arpeggiator with 90 patterns and an Auto-Harmonizer.


LCD Display

With the keyboards LCD display, you can control everything that’s going on right in front of you with its large display. Changing sounds or taking lessons will all be easy as its right in front of you.


Additional connections

Comes with an AUX jack so you can connect an MP3 player or other devices. You can also plug in a microphone, it comes with its own volume knob.  If you need a sustain pedal you will have to purchase it separately.


It also has an AC adapter, as always with Casio’s larger models. But you can use it with 6 AA size batteries too. This would give you approximately 3 hours of continuous play. It has an auto-off function, that turns off after 6 minutes when using batteries, and 30 minutes when plugged in.  It also comes with two 2.5W speakers incorporated.

Good beginner keyboard reviews

Good Beginner Keyboard Final Thoughts


Overall, the Casio LK280 is a great contender for beginners. It has a sleek and modern design that will charm any user. And the learning features are really good for children or people who don’t know how to play. You will be able to teach yourself at your own pace and make it an enjoyable journey. The Step-up system will help you learn, as well as the lighted keys. It has advanced features that you would only find on the more advanced models, so probably its one of a complete level-entry keyboard in the market. With this keyboard, you will truly enjoy learning and practice music. And you will be able to explore your creativity each time you play with all its sounds and features.


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