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44 mini keys, perfect for children

Small, light, very portable

Mini speakers built in


AC Adapter not included

No touch sensitive keys, non-realistic


Our Casio SA-76 review can tell us that this keyboard is great for kids’ initiation into music, as its portable, small and light, and comes with tons of features catered to them (tones, songs and rhythms).

The Casio SA76 44 mini Sized Keys 100 Tones is an essential keyboard for children to help them learn those steps in music playing.


Casio SA-76 Overview

It comes with 100 tones, 10 integrated songs and 50 rhythms to mix it up.  The LSI sound source and the 8 note polyphony make it have good sound quality. The LC display helps with the selection of different music options. It also includes a switch for interchanging between piano and organ sounds.


If you have kids or teenagers at home and they like music, why don’t get them hooked on early to music? Playing an instrument is known to help kids develop their brain better and be more creative.


The great thing is that the Casio SA-76 is one of the cheaper keyboards and a good choice for its price. Music teachers, bloggers and ratings online alike love this keyboard, and we know why.

Casio SA-76 Review – Keys

With 44 keys, is half of a full keyboard. But half-sized does not mean half the fun. And even though its small it gives you quite a blast with its sound (although it won’t drown out the vacuum noise from the living room!).

casio sa-76 review

The layout is comprehensible and not confusing at all. Every feature has a label and on the LCD screen you configure your settings. As for kids nowadays, we are sure that they will not having a problem using this piano.



The Casio SA76 44 mini Sized Keys 100 Tones keys have no sensitivity as its not made for professionals. This makes it extra easy for kids when they play. It’s meant for making music on the fly, pressing buttons and experimenting.


Since its small, probably your kids or grandkids will want to carry it around everywhere. So be prepared with batteries as it has no power adapters. They will last long enough but always be prepared with an extra pair!


In this Casio SA-76 review we will tell you what we like most about it.


  • Portable keyboard, a good thing for young learners.
  • Within the pre-recorded song bank, you can have the melody turned on or off, so you can practice and train your ear.
  • Great display: it shows the notes that are being played, just like on a music sheet. It also has a metronome that gives a visual but no click.
  • It’s a great beginner keyboard. It will keep kids entertained for hours or months!
  • Great price, very affordable.
  • Comes with demo or tutorial tracks. Your kid will be able to do it on their own, no teacher needed.
  • Lots of tunes, voices and rhythms to use. It even has percussions. So, you can make tons of music!!!






This Casio SA76 is perfect for little children, as it has 44 mini keys, and it’s a small keyboard. This way they won’t be befuddled by a number of keys and their ranges. This way they can focus on where to put his/her hands and they don’t have to stretch to play it.  Since it weighs less than 4 pounds so its one of the lightest of the market. As it’s so compact you can fit it in a drawer.

Casio SA-76 Electronic Keyboard, 44 Mini-Size Keys,

Casio SA-76 Electronic Keyboard Close Up


The Casio SA76 44 mini Sized Keys 100 Tones comes in black, with a brown underside that makes it nice. There’s two small 1.2-watt speakers on the ends of the keyboard. It has a respectable number of buttons crammed into the keyboard (considering how small it is), but with the 100 tones, 50 rhythms and 10 built in songs they are necessary. Furthermore it even comes with a small LC display, not a super one, but useful nevertheless.



Hence even though its small, it comes with a lot to offer for a beginner piano player. It has 100 tones on it (more than most digital pianos). The grand piano sound is probably the best one, probably because Casio has vast experience building these types of musical machines. The sounds are not supported by any of their reputable technologies, which is understandable for this type of piano.


The tones are backed up by an 8-note polyphony, which is quite low for a digital piano. Consequently since the piano only has 44 keys to deal with, probably this is not an issue.


It has up to 50 rhythms, and any of them will help the little player grow and enjoy their creativity playing. They will help him/her develop a sense of rhythm whilst playing music. Plus it has salsas, waltzes, ballads and other to choose from. Don’t forget the 5 drum pads too.


Comes with 10 practice tunes, to help them learn to hear how the piano is supposed to be played and play along with too. This will help them have a variety of styles to understand how music is played.


Last, but not least, it comes with a Melody Cut Rehearsal system, which is a preloaded training system to help play with the right hand, as most of the time beginners start playing with the right and then the left hand.

casio sa-76 review



As this is a small piano and its purpose is for a very beginner level, there are functions you won’t find on this piano: no transpose, tempo or tuning functions. No split functions either.


It neither has a USB connection or computer connectivity.



Casio SA-76 Review Final Thoughts

Size wise, it is 23 13/16″ x 8 5/16″ x 2 1/4” and weighs 3.1 lbs without batteries. Range wise, the lowest key is the F2 or the second F below middle C. The highest key is the Soprano C or high C or C”’ above middle C or two octaves above middle C.

This can even be used as an affordable portable keyboard for budding musicians, whilst traveling or on vacations. Even for teachers, for their students whilst showing them how to play.

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