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Easy to put together
Great price
Lots of features
Large LCD display
Great sound from speakers


Reported to be 'quite basic' or also ' cheaply made'; in some reviews.


The Hamzer 61-Key Electronic Electric Keyboard Piano is a good all-around keyboard for the cost. It is relatively inexpensive and despite the low cost, it still has enough features to really enjoy playing this keyboard.

It may not be suited to professional piano players, but it is a great electronic keyboard piano for anyone who is starting to play the piano or who wants to buy a good quality keyboard, but has a limited budget.

The Hamzer 61 Key Portable Electronic Keyboard Piano is a beginner to intermediate level 61 key electronic keyboard. It has standard sized keys. You can use it out of the box, as it uses batteries (6 x D type batteries), or an adaptor, if you wish. As it is made for learning and improving, it has a dual teaching mode, with 12 teaching songs. You can record and playback your music to practice and improve.


The Hamzer keyboard comes with 255 rhythms, 255 timbres, 24 demonstration songs, and 61 keyboard percussions to unleash your creativity whilst you learn and practice.

Hamzer Keyboard The Close Up

For playback while you perform, you can use single fingered and fingered auto-bass chords, or manual bass. And also, program percussion. You also have effects as vibrato, transpose and sustain.


It has two built in speakers for excellent and flawless sound, a headphone jack to listen through external speakers or headphones, stereo outputs and a mic jack where a microphone can be connected for singing along.

The LCD display shows the keyboard settings on the Hamzer keyboard.


It has a metal keyboard stand with 3 possible positions, from 22-1/4” to 27”. The stand actually screws to the keyboard, giving it extra stability. And also a detachable sheet music stand.

FEATURES YOU’LL LOVE On The Hamzer Keyboard



The Hamzer 61 key portable electronic keyboard is, within its price range, better than average on sound quality. The 255 timbres it can give you an idea of the range of sounds you can have.

A Hamzer 61-Key Keyboard

It comes with 2 built in speakers that have 4 watts of sound power, which is more than enough for a home user. If you need more, you can always connect it to an external speaker via the headphone jack.



The Hamzer keyboard is a regular sized 61 key keyboard. And it comes with quite a few built in effects. You have 8 percussion presets to play along with, and a 32-stage adjustable tempo speed you can have lots of fun with the keyboard, and it comes with 255 timbres and 255 rhythms, so you have lots of sounds to use.

Another thing of this keyboard is how you can play chords on it. You can play single and fingered chords, and it also contains an auto-bass function, which can help you learn how to play songs quite quickly. And you can play chords with one finger with the auto-bass chords.


If you are a beginner and learning to play the piano, it is quite useful to record yourself and listen to it later. This keyboard comes with a built-in recorder that helps you improve your playing skills.

Another effect the Hammer 61 keyboard piano has is rhythm sync. This is awesome for beginners and intermediate players. It also includes an automatic intro, ending and fill-in.


All of these effects will make you have lots of fun and enjoy whilst playing the piano.



The Hamzer 61 Key Portable Electronic Keyboard Piano has a split mode keyboard, so you can play with your teacher, them playing half of the keyboard and you play along on the other half.

The keyboard has the feel of an actual piano, which is important for some people when they play.

The keyboard by itself is a normal keyboard within its price range. You can play your songs on it without any effort, and having 61 keys is quite a good number of keys for learning.



The Hamzer 61 Key Portable Electronic Keyboard Piano comes with the standard headphone and also a microphone jack. So you can connect it with an external amplifier for better sound, or an extra speaker. And the microphone jack allows you to sing along whilst playing your songs.



The tempo control in the Hamzer keyboard helps you time the beats for each song, helping you learn. It has 46 levels you can use, and depending on your experience you can modify the tempo and learn.


While learning piano, beats can be hard to master, but with practice you can probably get very good. It’s a great way to learn the piano.

Hamzer keyboard 61-Key Digital Music Piano review



The Hamzer 61 Key Portable Electronic Keyboard has a playback feature. This allows you to see how well you are learning. You record your songs and you listen to them. If you don’t like how it turned out, you can record it again and modify it.  This way you will be able to achieve a great song after you are done. If you have an idea, you can use this functionality to make a perfect song.



It has some external speaker outputs that allow you to maximize the sound of the piano, giving you a piano feel. And the headphone jack is perfect for a distraction free or private practice. The microphone jack allows you to sing along, a necessary to practice.



Hamzer Keyboard Final Thoughts

This keyboard is aimed for learners or intermediate skill musicians. It has tons of features for making playing lots of fun and keep it interesting. It is great for people on a budget. Its designed to be a high-quality keyboard for an interesting price.

It also has specially marked keys, so this makes the learning much easier, even for little kids or children.

It weighs only 8 lbs., and works off batteries so it is very portable and easy to carry around. So you can use it as a portable piano.


At the end of the day this is what it is. I have seen people spend this amount on a dinner.  Other options to consider are Best Choice Products 61 Key Piano, a popular item. The RockJam RJ-654 which is 54 keys gets good reviews.


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