Kawai ES100 88-key Digital Piano Review

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Basic and user-friendly layout so a practical choice of pianist of all skill levels
Full-size 88-key keyboard with weighted keys and hammer action (touch response much like a real acoustic piano)
Split and layer features
Lightweight (about 33 pounds) build for ease in using at home or on the road
High-quality and realistic sound quality
Touch sensitive keys
Plenty of impressive features for the price
192-note Polyphony
Built-in piano lessons
Use song recorder


Lacks a USB socket for ease in using a laptop
An LCD display could make playing this musical instrument less difficult to use
Standard speakers can sound slightly muffled
Certain editions of the pedals can give a time delay (make sure to buy the latest model)


This Kawai digital piano is a high quality machine that is user-friendly and quick to adapt to. Its weighted key action and sound technology makes it a worthwhile choice for those players that intend to use an acoustic piano in the future. Plus, it comes with practical features like piano lessons and song recording that makes the ES100 an even more enticing package.

The Kawai ES100 88-key Digital Piano is a great gigging partner and perfect for those in search of a stage piano.

It weighs in the region of 33 lbs with a nice selection of features under the hood with some cool technology to create a high-quality instrument. It has Advanced Hammer Action IV-F built in which helps to produce a sound that is much like an acoustic piano. The 192-note polyphony and Harmonic Imaging feature is practical for its ability to sound much like a grand piano. Plus, this Kawai digital piano is very versatile to use with the addition of split and dual modes.

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Features You’ll Value

Sounds great and plays well, the Kawai ES100 is rich in features to make a very versatile musical instrument. Let’s look at a few of the most appealing features:

Standard keyboard

This Kawai digital piano has a full-size 88-key keyboard which has been sampled key by key to create the most acoustic grand piano sound. By using the Harmonic Imaging technology and individual sampling techniques, the ES100 has the ability to produce the sound that is incredibly realistic and rich, and sounds much like the sound quality of the most expensive models.

192-note Polyphony

The digital piano has great polyphonic memory and really seen with 192-note Polyphony in models of a similar value. Plus, the sleek, portable cabinet and quiet, smooth hammer key action make this digital piano standard out from its competition.

Multiple sound options

The Kawai ES100 88-key Digital Piano has an impressive collection of standard sounds which totals 19 with 8 of those high-quality acoustic piano tones, which is a lot of this size instrument. Other sounds include the harpsichords, electric pianos, organs and strings. Plus, there is a 100 Drum Rhythm feature and the ability to adjust the volume and tempo levels.

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