Korg B1SP 88 Key Weighted Keyboard Digital Piano

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Good value for its price
Perfect for initiation – entry level
Includes a 3-pedal unit and a stand
Profesional sound and design
Full 88 key weighted keyboard
Sturdy construction
Astounding bass response, especially for its size
Authentic keyboard action


No recording
No LED screen


A versatile and compact digital with extraordinary sound and projection for its size.

Compact and cost-effective, the KORG B1 is an excellent choice for home, stage or practice. The streamlined design delivers the features most important to any pianist: an authentic touch, superior sound and ease of use. For those who are just starting or those who want to start again, consider the KORG B1 Digital Piano

The Korg B1SP 88  Weighted Key Digital Piano w/Stand Three Pedal board and Knox Bench is a great choice for any beginning musician, as also as a secondary piano for the Classically trained. Forming part of the newer lineup of KORG digital pianos, it has nothing to envy of the traditional brands as Yamaha or Casio.


88 key weighted keyboard

Features you’ll love




The Korg B1SP is a beautiful piano, and is admirable for its modern design, being efficient and sleek. It allows you to enjoy while you play and minimize all external distractions. Its streamlined design is portable, compact and affordable. It feels authentic and has advanced technology, so the player’s expectations are perfectly met. Any musician would enjoy playing this piano.


Even though the piano is not too small, because of its design it will not clutter the room you put it into.


The music rest has a pocket that retains the pages, keeping your music pages and folios in place during your performance. Again, so that you can concentrate more while you play. And it is like you are playing a grand piano.


It features 8 preset sounds: Concert Piano, Jazz Piano,  Ballad Piano,  Electronic Piano1, Electronic Piano2, Harpsichord, Pipe Organ,  Electronic Organ.


It has three flavors of acoustic piano  along with two electric pianos, a harpsichord, and two organ sounds. All of them with great realism. This set of sounds that are frequently used, lets you expand your repertoire to cover many genres, and also expand your creativity. The PIANO PLAY button instantly creates the Concert Grand Piano sound.

It also has a chorus and reverb effect, so you can create a diverse range of music.



The three-pedal system is included in this package, leaving the piano at a standard keyboard height, which is perfect for comfortable and enjoyable playing. The triple pedal unit is like a standard professional piano one.

Korg B1SP 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano Three Pedal Board



On the Korg B1SP, when you activate the Partner Mode, the keyboard is effectively split into two keyboards, side by side and each pitched in the same range. This way, the student and teacher (or parent and child) can play the same song at the same time—the perfect way to learn a lesson. And for classrooms, two students can share one keyboard with the same settings.




The Korg B1SP 88  Weighted Key Digital Piano uses KORG’s servo-assisted MBF Technology, to achieve the deep and rich tones of a realistic acoustic piano within its small body. It also uses a pair of full-range speakers and a passive radiator. All this makes the resonant tones that come from an acoustic piano a reality, especially the low-frequency notes which are a joy to listen to.




The speaker system from the KORG B1SP comes with an active servo that controls the speaker cone. This is what allows low frequencies to be reproduced with a minimal distortion. And this is also how it achieves an ideal frequency response, being able to reproduce lower frequencies with more accuracy.


This speaker system is quite unique. Distortion is minimized thanks to the active servo and its MBF technology. It makes that the sound quality adjusts to the room’s acoustics.

Comes with a choice of three acoustic piano, one harpsichord and two organ sounds, making sure that learners get to now a great array of different sounds.


It comes with 2 x full-range speakers with 9 W each (18 W total).



The Korg B1SP 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano w/Stand Three Pedal board and Knox Bench can be purchased in white or black. The full 88 key weighted keyboard (A0-C8) is equipped with KORG’s Natural Weighted Hammer system. This makes it have a heavier touch on lower registers and a lighter touch on the upper ones, just like a regular piano. It imitates the response of the playing of any musician.


It weighs 21 kg and has dimensions of 131,2 cm x 33,6 cm x 75 cm.  Easily transportable, it’s a great choice for gigs.




You can plug in some headphones for a private practice, as it has a headphone jack.

Korg B1SPBK with 88 key weighted keyboard



The Korg B1SP 88 Key Digital Piano is a fantastic option for a beginner to help them improve and hone their music skills. This way they can grow and be able to develop more difficult pieces and understand more difficult musical styles. MBF technology provides  natural sounding performance,  the Natural Weighted Hammer in the keyboard, an authentic piano feel for the musician.  The surrounding stereo system immerses you in the sound of the music you are playing, creating a concert experience. Looking for your first keyboard for yourself, or maybe a gift for a loved one, this is a great contender.


88 Key Weighted Keyboard Final Thoughts

KORG develops high quality digital pianos for a broad type of piano players and musicians. No matter what’s your style, no matter your capabilities, KORG will have something for you. Korg specializes in high quality digital pianos and keyboards for the needs and abilities of a huge range of players. And this 88 key weighted keyboard is an example of this.

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