Roland FP-50 Digital Piano Review

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Even with plenty of features this digital piano is still easy to use
Lightweight build to make it very portable
Realistic and clear sound
Touch sensitive keys
Good action / response


The design of the weighted keys can lead to sore wrists after a prolonged period of play


Overall, the Roland FP-50 is a perfect combination of a stage and home piano. The high-quality features like the SuperNATURAL sound are useful for giving clarity and dynamic sound which isn’t too far of a real piano. For those in search of a professional quality digital piano the FP-50 can easily be recommended as one of the best digital piano under 2000.

Affordable and travel-friendly, the Roland FP-50 Digital Piano is a high class musical instrument that not only gives great performance, but is rich in useful features.

For those aspiring musicians in search of the best digital piano under 2000, the FP-50 is certain to meet most people’s needs with its large and versatile collection of sounds and authentic touch and tone of an acoustic grand to significantly improve on the playing enjoyment.

Other useful features include the intelligent rhythm mode that is appreciated for its ability to provide sophisticated and dynamic accompaniments for the more incredible music performance that plays in real time.

By combining this with the built-in speaker system, stylish design and compact size, the Roland FP-50 is certain to be ready whenever you want to start playing.

Features You’ll Value

Wondrous sound, the Roland FP-50 Digital Piano has a variety of well-performing features that help to create the crisp and clear sound. Let’s look at a few of the most appealing features:

Piano Performance

The touch and authentic piano sound of the FP-50 makes it possible to create a high level of performance for all-types of music, from pop and rock to jazz and classical. The brand’s sound engine (SuperNATURAL) is perfect in its ability to replicate sound produced by some of the high-cost acoustic grand pianos. This piano has a fine quality keyboard that matches high-end instruments and comes at an attractive price to make it among the best digital piano under 2000.

Versatile Features

Compact and streamlined, the Roland FP-50 is perfect to use wherever you need from home to on the road. Beyond the SuperNATURAL technology, the digital piano has plenty of modern synths, strings, essential organ tones, and other stage-ready sounds. It is easily connected to an external amp while the built-in speakers are nice to have to help monitor the performance while playing on stage.

Get connected

The FP-50 gives plenty of opportunities to get connected to extra pieces of equipment for the ability to enhance the piano session. For instance, it is possible to plug in headphones for the more private practice session that does not disturb those nearby. By using the optional USB memory it is possible to work with WAV-audio files to create tempo adjustments and key transposition, while also having the option to record the songs.


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