The ONE Light 61-Key Portable Keyboard

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The learning app makes learning very easy, and it’s free for Android and iOS.

Lots of songs and sounds to let your creativity flow.

Using the app, learning becomes easy. Free for Android and iOS. Portable

Has headphone socket and jack for external speakers.


Has some content that you must pay for.

On the learning programs, you can’t slow down the tempo.

It doesn’t show you proper hand & position technique.


The ONE Light Keyboard 61-Key Portable Keyboard Piano Electronic MIDI Keyboard (in Onyx black) makes learning fun. It has a combination of hardware and software that is very engaging for students. And no matter what mood you are in, you will probably find an activity that suits you at that moment, thanks to the variety provided in lessons.

The ONE Light Keyboard 61-Key Portable Keyboard Piano Electronic MIDI Keyboard – Onyx Black is a light up keyboard piano for beginners and experienced users too. It has keys that light up with sheet music, games, and video lessons when you use the free The ONE Smart Piano app.

With this keyboard you’ll be able to learn a piano piece in a few minutes and enjoy it, being a perfect match for using it with your phone or tablet.

The ONE Light Keyboard 61-Key Portable Keyboard Piano Electronic MIDI Keyboard has backlit keys that light up whilst playing sheet music, and over 128 instrument sounds to select from.  A beginner musician can start to play music in a few minutes using the light-up keys. It has a few learning modes: one with light-up sheet music, another with video lessons, one with a video game, and last, but not least, a crash course. More experienced players can also enjoy playing the ONE Light Keyboard choosing from all the sheet music to play, with thousands of possibilities.

light up keyboard piano

It is also portable, using 6 AA batteries, so you can transport it wherever you want, and use it if you want as the batteries will give you quite a few hours of entertainment.


This light up keyboard piano has quite a few features you will love:



The ONE Light Keyboard connects to a mobile device via an app that shows you the keys to play. This dramatically shortens the learning curve, from months to minutes. It makes learning to play the piano fun and easy. And most importantly, stress-free. It seems like a game.

One Light the light up keyboard piano

You can learn at your own pace or follow your mood. The app gives you tons of choices. Want a crash course? Got it. Use an interactive music sheet? Got it. Want to watch step by step videos? Got those, too. Play video games?


Consequently, because you are using an app, lots of more songs and updates will be available. The only thing is that some of the content is blocked and you need to pay, which we did not like too much.


It doesn’t matter which is your favorite music type, The ONE Light Keyboard will probably have it. It has 1000s of sheet music with pop, classical, jazz, blues and much more styles. Each sheet music can be split for right or left hand to practice accordingly.



No problem comes with over 100 video lessons that use the light system, so you can learn the basics and go afterward to more advanced topics. Especially relevant you can slow down, pause and rewind any part of the video so you can do the lesson at your pace.



Piano learning is not only doing the same again and again, and repeat it until you are bored, it can be fun with games! Seems like in this case, it is a Guitar Hero style game. You can challenge yourself to score higher and higher points matching the rhythm of the music in the game.

The ONE Light Keyboard 61 Key light up keyboard piano


In The ONE Smart Piano app, almost all the content is free. And it works smoothly on all devices. It has no noticeable bugs. First of all you can download it from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. Furthermore download each lesson individually, so plan accordingly (just in case you want to play right away!). You can choose what you want to do and skip what you don’t want to do. The lessons don’t require you to connect the piano to the device, but the song tutorials and LED guided lessons do.



As a result of the ONE Light Keyboard weighing 11 lbs. you can carry it from room to room. Here you can  practice even standing up (or sitting down!).



The output sound of the piano is quite good. It could better but for its value, it’s more than OK. It includes two large speakers.


Final Thoughts


The only thing we noticed missing was more guidance on proper hand placement, heights, distance & seating for newbies. Even though they have some videos it seemed that something was missing.


If you are wondering about dimensions, the ONE Light Keyboard Piano is 36″ wide, 13″ deep, and 4″ height. The white keys are 7/8″ wide, almost an inch wide. And at the center portion, it folds up and acts as a stand for the book/music sheet or the mobile device you are using whilst playing. The piano also has rubber feet to keep it from moving or sliding.


We liked the overall quality. The keys are unweighted, but for a beginner’s piano that’s ok. As soon as you progress you will probably need a piano with weighted keys, but as a beginner piano, as it is, it really has everything you need to learn how to play.
It comes with a power cord, a Thunderbird USB cable, and micro-USB cable. The power cord is 4 feet 6 inches long. You can also use the 6 AA batteries if you wish.

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