Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano Review

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Realistic audio with help from the Pure CF sound sampling technology
A variety of voices
A long list of useful functions, such as touch sensitivity and weighted keys
Great polyphony
Useful piano to help learn to play this type of musical instrument
Very responsive piano keys
Easy to use


Quite heavy for those that wants to be portable
Lacks a MIDI port
Menu interface isn’t the easiest to use


Overall, our Yamaha digital piano review has shown that the DGX650B is a practical choice for both the beginner and advanced player. It has great key action and excellent sound quality while also being reasonably priced. Although, the pedals are quite stiff and take a little while to get adjusted with – but with time this issue shouldn’t cause long-term problems. With the long list of features and absolutely fantastic sound quality, this digital piano is sure to offer a worthwhile piece of equipment for the home or on the go.

The Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano is rich in interactive and incredible features that makes playing music, sharing and learning a lot of fun.

It has a great design that makes it really convenient and comfortable to use for both the professional and beginner pianist. Plus, the keyboard gives a nice acoustic tone which easily blends with a variety of piano sounds that have been sourced from Yamaha’s collection of samples.

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Features You’ll Value

Great instrument, the Yamaha DGX650B is a perfect piece of equipment for the pianist that wishes to hone their skills. Here are a few of the qualities of this digital piano:

Standard keyboard

Built with a full-size Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard with 88-keys, this digital piano makes it possible to play a tune with nuanced tone and refined dynamics. Also, this is helpful for playing the acoustic piano sound.

Sound source

One of the great features of the DGX650B is pureCF sampling technology which is appreciated for its ability to create a sound much like a grand piano used in a concert. This helps to produce the tone and true resonance to really enhance the sound output of this instrument. By following along with the provided samples it is possible to learn faster and fully appreciate the tone of the songs.

Auto accompaniment

The Yamaha DGX650B includes a useful piece of tech known as the Smart Chord which can really help the aspiring pianist. It is designed to detect the correct code using the notes struck using the left hand, which is great at simplifying the learning process and helps to play the correct notes.

Get connected

This digital piano gives great connectivity options with the ability to use the USB ports to connect to a laptop for ease in editing or sharing music, or even to create the personal CD.

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