Yamaha EZ220 Keyboard with Lighted Keys

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Easy to use: lighted keys!
Free iPad companion app that turns pages automatically
Realistic sound on piano music
Yamaha Education System, perfect for learning


No split playing, so you can’t practice with your teacher / parents
No sequencer


The Yamaha EZ220 Keyboard with Lighted Keys is a phenomenal keyboard for beginners. If your kids can read music, they will have lots of fun with the lighted keyboard and its other features as sounds, voices and songs. The grown-ups may not be appealed by this feature, but the ability to shift octaves might appeal to some, especially if you have an iPad.

The Yamaha EZ220 Keyboard with Lighted Keys – Includes X-Style Stand and Power Adapter comes with lighted key play, built in wireless connection to the Page Turner iPad app and 100 preset songs. You can connect the keyboard to your computer with USB so that you can use music programs (for learning or for entertainment!).


Is This The Best Yamaha Keyboard For Beginners?


Yamaha knows how to build keyboards for learners, and the Education Suite that comes with it shows it. It makes it really easy to play.Yamaha Education Suite

This set of tools that are built in the instrument helps you learn by yourself, and teach yourself how to perform. It helps you learn and master a song in a few steps. You do each lesson with each hand, and then both together (three times each). Call up a song from one of the 100 songs built-in and hit “Start” on the keyboard. The keyboard will light up the correct keys. Then you have to start playing.

The lesson program is offered in a total of nine stages—three for each hand and three for both, showing beginners to use both hands and practice on the instrument with the songs that are stored.

It also has a scoring function that will help you practice and improve. And a “waiting” function that helps you adjust the tempo while playing, pausing the song until the right note is played.


It also comes with 392 built in voices so you can play guitar, bass, strings, synthesizers, drums and much more. It also has 100 preset styles to rock whenever you want to, that can act as virtual bands.

The Yamaha has the Portable Grand function, which is a button that brings up a great and authentic sound piano on the table, and it sets up the keyboard to act like one.
And it comes with 9 reverb effects.


It has 3 choices of song, voice and style, on the keyboard.
• Song: tapping on this button you get 100 songs and a demo song. With classics like “Twinkle, Twinkle” and many others, it has a range of different song styles, which you will enjoy: duets, classical…
• Style: the style button gives you choices of virtual bands: beat, disco, ballad, dance…
• Voice: the voice button gives you 392 built in voices of a collection of instruments like drum, guitar, synthesizer, piano, organ and much more.


The Page Turner application for iPad includes the piano score for all pre-set songs, and it turns pages automatically. This way you can focus on playing music and not your music sheets! You can also record the audio of your playing and singing.
It is the visual representation of the lesson guide that comes with the pack.

There are other apps like Note star, Piano Diary and Visual Performer for EZ-220.

EZ-220 Page Turner application for iPad

Includes a clip for IPAD, so you can put it on whilst practicing.

The Yamaha keyboard for beginners EZ220 has 61 touch-sensitive lighted keys, to show you the right notes to play. This makes it super-easy to learn how to play the piano.
This is a great learning keyboard as it will help you play with both of your hands. It helps you earn confidence whilst playing with each of your hands equally. And the lighted keys help learn your favorite songs.

Yamaha keyboard for beginners close up

The Yamaha EZ220 includes this feature, where a song lights up the keys and waits for you to play before going on. When using this feature, the background music will still play. For some, this might be a distracting feature, but you can’t turn off the background music on the keyboard.

The Yamaha EZ220 comes with a fingering guide, to show you the right finger placement for each note, which is essential to building proper technique.

Yamaha keyboard for beginners Fingering Guide EZ 200

It comes with an actual song book with 100 songs.


You can connect the Yamaha EZ220 Keyboard with Lighted Keys with your iPad with via the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit for use with music creation programs.

The World Tour single-X keyboard stand supports keyboards weighing up to 130 lbs. It has a Secure-Lock center clutch height adjustment system. It allows you to find a comfortable playing position.
The X style stand is a regular stand for keyboards. It is not excessively stable but it will do the job unless you put any pressure on it while you practice.


• On/off button: for turning on and off the light and the page turner.
• Pause button: for when you need a pause.
• REW/FF: rewind and fast forward also is included.
• Master volume: divided in two semicircles: volume up and down.
• Lesson part: there is a lesson part, one for left and another for right hand which is excellent for learners.
• Comes with power supply plug.
• Comes with two 2.5W speakers, so that your performance is heard.
• LCD display: to display the data of the keyboard.
• Headphone jack lets you practice in private.

Yamaha keyboard for beginners


Best Yamaha Keyboard For Beginners Final Thoughts

The EZ220 Keyboard with Lighted Keys is a Yamaha keyboard for beginners, who want to learn how to play with an affordable electronic piano. It has a great learning system and you can use your iPad with it also, so it will appeal many young users. We’re aware not everyone likes Yamaha, so consider this Casio LK280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack could be an option if you’re wanting a different brand.

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