Yamaha NP12 61-Key Keyboard Review

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The simple design of the NP12 makes it really easy to use and without all the bells and whistles
Lightweight build so gives great portability options
Useful touch sensitive keys
The sound output from built-in speakers or headphones; sound is more impressive through a keyboard amp
Dual sounds
Multiple sound options
Great recording features to record and play back the performed songs
Fantastic buy for the money


Doesn’t come with a support for music sheets
Keys are overly sensitive, but this a practical choice for beginners


Overall the Yamaha NP12 61-Key Keyboard is built with user-friendly and simple functions, without a lot of the more complex features of other keyboards. This makes it a great practice piano that is very attractive for its price. But, for the pianists that want more than 61 keys, it might be worth looking at the more advanced model - Yamaha NP32 – which has similar functions, but a greater number of keys. For those in search of a keyboard with just the keys and a few must-have buttons, this is a perfect choice.

The Yamaha NP12 61-Key Keyboard is built with a variety of user-friendly functions to make it really easy to use.

It is designed with a built-in metronome that is appreciated for those pianists that are practicing. Plus, the lightweight build is great for those that play on the go. Mobile use is even more efficient with the ability to operate this Yamaha Piaggero model on batteries.

The sound produced can come from the built in speakers – although the quality of this is easily improved by connecting to a high-quality keyboard amp.

Features You’ll Value

A great keyboard, the Yamaha NP12 has plenty of useful features to make playing this instrument a pleasure. Lets look at the major features list in our Yamaha digital piano review:


The NP12 is built with 61 touch sensitive keys (not weighted though) that give the piano and box-type style for the keys.

Sound options

This keyboard is designed with multiple sound options for ease in creating the preferred type of music. Some of the high-quality sounds include harpsichords, vibraphone, strings, organs, electric pianos, and acoustic.


The Yamaha NP12 61-Key Keyboard is built to be light, compact and slim. It weighs in the region of 4.5 kg, which is practical for on the go use. The keyboard is packaged with a mains adaptor, but it is also possible to run on batteries for the more versatile use.

Dual sounds

Use the NP12 to create the dual sounds – for instance strings and piano – for greater flexibility and the ability to produce the most unique tunes.


Even though this Yamaha Piaggero model has built-in speakers it also has a socket to accept headphones in times of playing in the evening or other private practice.

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