Yamaha P115 Digital Piano Review

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Fully equipped with four internal speakers (with the sound boost feature providing the most crispness in the high ranges)
Lightweight so a very portable piano
Easy to use digital piano controller
Accepts headphones for late night playing (a 6.35mm adapter is usually required)
Weight keys feel much like the real thing (keys are made from a smooth type of synthetic ivory
Includes plenty of standard sounds to make it easy to inject singing, choir sound, or other effects into the sound


Lacks an LCD screen
Limits the memory to recording one song at a time
Minimal ports (no MIDI port)


The Yamaha p 115 digital piano is a great mid-range model with plenty of functions like the dual mode (plays two instruments at once) to make it a perfect fit for the musician in search of high-quality sound and a professional feel. This piano has a full-size keyboard with is a mush-have to use on all types of music, while the touch sensitivity and weighted keys are just what you need to play the preferred type of music.
This product is similar in price to the ALESIS Coda Digital Piano however we know people who regard Yamaha electric pianos in high regard seldom change brands.

The Yamaha p 115 digital piano is a high-quality digital piano with a variety of useful options and features, while also able to provide a beautiful sound.

With its GHS weighted action, four levels of touch sensitivity, and a full set of 88 keys, this piano is a practical musical instrument for players at all levels, including the professional in search of a reliable tool to practice on.

Yamaha P115 Digital Piano Features You’ll Like

Great piano, the Yamaha P115 Digital Piano is rich in useful features to make it possible to create the crisp and clear sound. Let’s look at some of the most appealing features:

Intelligent Acoustic Control

One of the great qualities of this piano is the Intelligent Acoustic Control feature. This piece of technology helps to set the hone and balance to match the preferred volume settings registered on the keyboard. By using this tech is it possible to remove the harsh type of sound noticed at volume on many other digital pianos.


Even though the P115 is a full-size keyboard, it is still relatively small for its size. The overall weight is in the region of 26 lbs which makes it possible to use in the home or while on the move. For all-round performance it is best to pair this piece of equipment with the matching LP5A three-pedal unit and L85 stand.

Built-in songs

Similar to most other respectable digital piano, the Yamaha p 115 digital piano is equipped with up to 10 pianist styles, drum patterns and built-in songs. This helps to create the virtual partner for great ease in learning and performing. The total voices are 14 which isn’t the best in volume, but still good enough to function as a useful teaching aid.

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