Yamaha YDP143R Digital Piano Review

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Playing action is quite similar to a real piano and doesn’t feel overly springy
Easy to control the dynamics of the keys (soft and hard touches of the keys change the sound)
It is possible to transfer MIDI songs to a laptop and make changes using high-quality piano software
Simple to connect headphones for late night practicing
Strong bass
Plenty of pre-installed song to practice with


Pedals can be difficult to master when first starting out, but over time it is possible to adapt and learn better control
Included bench has a narrow build
Back panel doesn’t appear to be the strongest


The Yamaha YDP143R Digital Piano is a great full size instrument with plenty of practical functions that make it easy to use, while still at a relatively affordable price. Even for the complete beginner it is possible to make full use of the Yamaha electric pianos like the YDP143R to create songs that sound that much better. While many musicians may believe this digital piano is for those just starting out, it is equally as effective for the pro-pianists.

The Yamaha YDP143R Digital Piano (dark rosewood and gold pedals) is a full size musical instrument that is very effective at providing the crisp and clear sound.

Yamaha electric pianos are equipped with proprietary features such as the Pure CF Sound Engine that is built to provide a complete collection of sampling abilities. Plus, this digital piano is packaged with a bench to give everything the beginner or pro pianist needs to get up and running.

Yamaha YDP143R Digital Piano Features You’ll Value

Better than most acoustic pianos, the Yamaha YDP143R is feature-rich to provide everything needed to start playing and learning new songs. Let’s look at a few of the most appealing features:

Standard keyboard

The Yamaha YDP143R Digital Piano is designed with the full-size 88-key keyboard with its integrated “Graded Hammer Standard (GHS)” that helps to control the tone of the sound. This technology is very effective at copying the sound that would come from a traditional acoustic piano. The pedals are also quite useful with mellow reverb provided when the damper pedal is applied.

Digital library

Yamaha electric pianos often include a lot of rhythms and instrument voices which is certainly true with the YDP143R digital piano. Plus, it includes automatic accompaniment styles for ease in controlling the sound output. The installed songs are useful for the intermediate or new players that want to learn with assistance. Plus, the piano can be left to play on its own and act much like a jukebox.

Get connected

The Yamaha YDP143R is designed with its own recording capabilities with the ability to record up to two tracks that are easily overlapped and played simultaneously. The recorded data is stored on a standard MIDI file which is easily read by any modern laptop or computer.

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