Yamaha YPG-235 76 Key Portable Grand Piano Premium Pack

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  • 76 piano-style keys with Graded Soft Touch (GST) action
  • Backlit LCD, panel lights, pitch bend wheel,6-track sequencer allows you to record your own music
  • Portable Grand Button: industry's best piano
  • Comes complete ready to go


We have still to find one.


With over 1600 positive comments and reviews, we feel this offers both great value for money plus an awesome product.  Can it be considered as the best Yamaha digital piano ? quite possibly. You decide.

The Yamaha YPG-235 is considered by some as the best yamaha digital piano as it comes as a pack with everything you’ll need to start playing straight away. Because of that this is a great instrument for beginners. Let’s take a look at what the pack contains.

SXKS Keyboard Stand

The included stand is great for setting up your digital piano in a permanent spot of its own – and having the instrument ready set up when you come to play means you’re more likely to practice.


Assembling the flat-packed stand is easy – just use the four screws provided to attach the feet.


The sturdy stand is made from heavy duty steel, and has an easy to operate height adjustment. Choose from settings that range between sitting height (25.25”) to standing height (38.75”) to find the best position for you.


And if you ever wanted to use this stand with a different instrument, it can hold keyboards from 49-88 keys and weighing up to 130 pounds.


Also in the YPG-235 pack are a pair of Samson HP30 studio headphones.


Studio headphones play back sound without enhancement, so if you wear these when practicing, you’ll know exactly how you sound. Plug them straight into the piano for practice that only you can hear, allowing you to play day and night, even if somebody else wants to use the room.


These Samson HP30s have a closed cup for a comfortable fit, and a 9’ cord, allowing you to move around to get comfy while playing.


A wide frequency range lets these headphones reproduce the lowest and highest notes on your keyboard with ease.


76 Key Portable Grand Piano

Yamaha have really packed a lot of features into this piano, and we think that beginners and more experienced players alike will love it.


First, the keys on this instrument have what Yamaha call ‘Graded Soft Touch’ this means that the keys feel heavier at the low end of the keyboard, and lighter at the high end. If players choose to move to an acoustic in the future then the transition will be easier thanks to the Graded Soft Touch. You can choose between one finger chords from the keys on the left, or full piano mode, in which each key plays a single note.


The 76 keys are plenty to play most pieces of music, and losing just 4 keys from either end of the scale makes this piano much more compact than a full sized acoustic. The YPG-235 measures 46 ⅜” wide x 5 ⅜” high x 16 ¼” deep. It weighs in at just 18 lbs 5 oz.


When playing, this piano’s stereo speakers with bass boost give a realistic and spacious sound. There are many voices to choose from, as well as reverb and harmony effects. Press the ‘portable grand’ and you will hear a faithful reproduction of the industry’s best grand piano, right in your practice room. 32 key polyphony enables 32 key sounds to be played at once.


Yamaha Education Suite

To help you learn to play you can access Yamaha Education Suite from this machine. There you will find 30 built in songs and 70 more are uploadable from the included CD-ROM.


These songs can be broken down into various lessons, allowing you to play them bit by bit as you progress. The left and right hand parts can be separated, and the YPG-235 will sense your accuracy and adjust the tempo of the accompaniment to match. It will even pause and wait for you to catch up if you can’t find a note.


When you are feeling more confident, Minus one mode invites you to play along with the accompaniment and grades your performance with a percentage score at the end, motivating you to improve each time you play.

So the final questions are, do you agree this is best Yamaha digital piano? Finally how soon do you want one delivering?

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