Yamaha YPT255 61-Key Keyboard Pack

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Tons of cool features for kids/beginners

Light and very transportable

Comes with the Yamaha Education Suite

Tons of voices and styles


Some sounds are a bit cheesy


The Yamaha YPT-255 Portable Keyboard is full of great features, ideal for learning and aspiring musicians who are just starting out. The Yamaha Education Suite will help you learn with 100 preset songs, or using one of the 385 instrument Voices and 100 Styles to experiment, learn and create music. This way it’s in the list of the best electronic keyboard for beginners.

The Yamaha YPT255 61-Key Keyboard Pack with Headphones comes with a pair of Samson HP30 Headphones, an X-Style Keyboard Stand and Power Supply.

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The Yamaha YPT255 61-Key Keyboard comes with 385 high-quality voices, that include different pianos (acoustic, electric), drums, organs, accordions, bass and guitars, flutes, strings, drums and other effects. The pianos, organs, synths are all done very carefully and beautifully. Some of the sounds are a bit cheesy, as the saxophones. And it also comes with 100 styles to experiment.

It includes a Portable Grand button that allows the user to play like with a Grand piano. These voices in particular use stereo-sampled sounds with a superb feeling of presence.

Learners can enjoy reverb effects for the feeling of playing in a concert hall, and choruses that add extra resonance to the sound.

Little kids will have tons of fun with all this.



The Yamaha YPT255-61 works on this machine, tracking the chords you are playing, and following along with a rhythm, like piano, bass, drums or guitars.

It follows you in real time and plays the same chords you are. The response time is great. You feel like you are actually in a group!! It also takes care that you are the boss of the show so you never get lost with the rest of the elements. You can adjust parts of the accompaniment so it won’t do the same thing again and again.



The keyboard has reverb, chorus, master EQ and ultra-wide stereo effects.


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The famous nine-step lesson program (Yamaha Education Suite) will help beginners learn how to play. It comes with 102 preset songs to help you learn.

Yamaha Education Suite

The lesson program is offered in a total of nine stages—three for each hand and three for both, showing beginners to use both hands and practice on the instrument with the songs that are stored.


It also has a scoring function that will help you practice and improve. And a “waiting” function that helps you adjust the t4empo while playing, pausing the song until the right note is played.



The Yamaha YPT255-61 will allow you to connect an audio source to the AUX IN jack, so you can enjoy playing along your favorite songs. And the AUX-line input lets you turn the keyboard into a speaker system for your media player. This way you can listen or play along.





It weighs less than 9 lbs., so the YPT-255 is great to take anywhere easily. And it can also run on batteries so you don’t have to worry to plug it in. You can carry it around for gigs and anywhere you want.


A child can lift it and adjust it on the stand, too, as the keyboard isn’t really that heavy (because of the soft touch keys).



The keyboard has a preset Master EQ that helps you adjust the details of your keyboard settings as Bright and Boost, to adjust it to your expectations.



The Yamaha YPT255 61-Key Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power supply and Stand has very light keys, which are designed to be able to be pressed quickly, allowing easy and quiet playing. But, because they are light, sometimes it gets easy to press the wrong key. But it is a great way to learn good form and practice beginning, making it one of the best electronic keyboard for beginners available in the market.





The YPT255 looks sleek and shiny. The keys are very shiny too. They have tiny symbols above them, that represent effect and drum sounds. Since sometimes this can be hard to find, there are pictures of each drum (tom, snare, kick, cymbal, etc.) on each kea that needs to be pressed when the drums set is on.


And above the drum symbols we have the chord types. They are written out in standard chord shorthand. When the player selects a preset that plays them all, you can see the type of chord it is on the key you press. This way you learn about all of the chords, which is great if you want to learn more complex ones for classical or jazz music.


The keyboard in the middle has a little screen. On its left, it shows you the music you are playing in sheet music (this is for bass and treble clefs). And the screen also tells you the sound, style or song selected.  So, it makes it really useful.


On the right of the screen you have buttons for selecting a style, a song or a voice and also a search function keypad.




  • It has a power saving mode
  • You can connect a pedal to it, although you need to purchase it on its own.
  • You can connect it to a computer and you can work with an external recording software.
  • It has effects like Chorus, Reverb and Panel Sustain.


Best Electronic Keyboard For Beginners Final Thoughts

While the Yamaha is really great for beginners because of its wide array of features and low cost, there are other keyboards to consider when picking out an instrument for a new student or a child.

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