Best Keyboard Speakers – Our Top 5 Reviewed


Enjoy Booming Sound with the Best Keyboard Speakers


Without the right equipment, projecting sound over a large area can be a keyboardist’s nightmare. This is where keyboard speakers come in. These booming contraptions are designed to provide and carry sound with minimal distortions making them ideal for both home use and social gatherings.

If you’re in the market for the best keyboard speakers, why don’t you read on? We have listed some great options just for you.


Powered Speakers vs Unpowered Speakers


The main difference between a powered speaker and an unpowered speaker is that the former includes a built-in amplifier and requires plugging into an electrical outlet to operate. An unpowered speaker is an exact opposite. There is no built-in amplifier and the unit gets its power from an external and independent power amplifier.


Many keyboardists prefer powered speakers as they are convenient and easy to use. You don’t have to drag around a lot of gear or start matching the speakers to an amp at an event.


However, if you’re more of a hands-on person and don’t mind doing a bit of work, you’ll find that unpowered speakers give you the liberty to choose the speaker-amp combo that best suits your needs.


Plus, unpowered speakers are less expensive and weigh less than their powered speaker counterparts.

Best Overall Speaker for Keyboards

Is There a Difference Between Powered Speakers and Studio Monitors?


The short answer is yes. The primary difference between these two is the audio’s sound profile.


A studio monitor produces a flat frequency response reproducing the audio recording exactly as it was recorded. It is used in professional environments and helps the recordist edit the audio without being influenced by other devices that modify or add coloration to the sound.


What about powered speakers? The intention behind powered speakers is to produce a sound that is pleasing to the listener. This means that they may add coloration to audio to make it more attractive. Many manufacturers tweak their speakers to enhance sound quality in various ways including enriching them with rich bass as well as middle to high frequencies.


The nature of their job means that studio monitors are more useful in studios, rooms, and other smaller areas. Powered speakers, on the other hand, are meant to cover more ground and are ideal for home use as well as in medium to large spaces.


Buying Considerations for Keyboard Speakers


There are many things to think about when shopping for speakers for keyboard pianos. There are many units on the market, and some don’t even do the job they claim they can. Other than brand value, pricing, and durability, here are some other important things to consider


Size and Portability


While keyboard speakers come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, it’s important to determine usage before purchasing one. If you need a speaker for your home studio or small gigs look for one that’s compact, and lightweight. The last thing you want to do is haul a heavy speaker to every gig, it will weigh you down.


If you intend to or already perform at large events, you’ll require a more powerful speaker, most of which weigh a ton and aren’t that easy to haul. Your focus here won’t be portability rather one that delivers optimal functionality


Equalizer and Mixer


Some keyboard speakers are loaded with onboard equalizers and mixers while others are not. If you’ll be performing at live gigs, then a speaker that offers simple controls or a full-range equalizer plus mixer will reproduce better audio for your listeners.

Best Keyboard Speakers

Do You Want a Powered or Unpowered Speaker?


Since powered speakers have built-in amplifiers, they are far easier to set up. All you need is the sound input which you can get from a vocal mic or music instruments like your keyboard. While powered speakers are super convenient, they are not ideal for larger venues.


Unpowered speakers require external amplifiers and depending on the model can be powered by a powered speaker. They provide greater sound amplification and work well in large venues and for complex PA systems. Just keep in mind that you’ll be lugging a couple of instruments.


Review of the Best Keyboard Speakers


Let’s now check out some top keyboard speakers on the market.


1. Yamaha DBR15 Powered Speaker

Best Overall Speaker for Keyboards


First on our list is the Yamaha DBR15 speaker that has lots of things going for it. This speaker produces up to 1000 watts achieving a maximum output of 132dB with outstanding clarity. This speaker is an ideal option for outdoor gigs and at home as well.


Through its high-power woofers, you’ll enjoy powerful bass as well as mid-range and high-frequencies with minimal distortion. The speaker has 2 input channels that accept XLR and TRS Phone. Channel 2 also accepts an RCA pin jack perfect for CD players and other stereo line-level sources.


The speakers are designed with a 50°wedge angle ideal for floor monitoring. Fitted with rigging points for installation application, these speakers offer flexible mounting options to suit any occasion.


The cabinet is built using durable plastic that is bolstered with a steel grille, ensuring the woofer and other internal components are safe from damage. Plus, they only weigh 42.6lb and are fitted with an ergonomic handle which makes transportation much easier.


Overall Yamaha keyboard speakers are dependable and have been used to relay clear and amazing sound by musicians, karaoke lovers, and listeners all over the world.



  • Sleek clean look
  • Powerful speaker and high sound quality
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight and portable



  • No major complaints


2. QSC K12.2 Powered Speaker

Best Digital Piano Speakers


These speakers are easily some of the best digital piano speakers on the market and for good reason too. Exuding an elegant design, superior performance, and functionality, they provide the kind of sound amplification that professional performers look for in a speaker.


The speaker provides 2000 watts of power and can hit a maximum output of 132 dB thanks to its patented intrinsic correction tuning.


This 39 lb unit comes with multiple presets and a host of loudspeaker functions including monitor, live, dance, live bright, bass amp, EQ, crossover, delay, and frequency contour among others.


Wondering how these presets work? The monitor preset minimizes excessive bass build-up while on stage while the live setting focuses on mid-range frequencies to keep the vocals clear. The dance preset delivers enhanced bass performance and better highs to wow your audience. Awesome right?


The manufacturer has built a multi-function user-friendly digital display to enable you to select and control the functions you desire. An even cooler aspect of this speaker is its ability to recall and save information such as EQ, Delay, and input configuration settings for use later on.


As far as connections go, the QSC K12.2 has two balanced combos XLR female and ¼ inch TRS connectors. The first accommodates selectable microphone or line level input while the second accepts selectable high impedance or line level input and is intended for musical instruments.


There’s also a TRS input jack that connects to smartphones, MP3 players, and computers and if that wasn’t enough, the speaker can be daisy-chained to other audio devices. Further, the unit comes with a 6-year warranty.


Top of the line speakers for keyboard pianos are built to deliver the ultimate audio listening experience. They are a perfect choice for musicians/bands, houses of worship as well as DJs.



  • Superb features including presets and correction tuning
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Rugged and impact-resistant ABS enclosure



  • A user reported sound clipping, but we didn’t experience this.


3. LyxPro SPA-8 Speaker System

Best Speaker for Beginners


This easy to use keyboard speaker is a fantastic option for beginners and pros alike. Offering 100 watts of power, it isn’t the most powerful speaker on the market, but it packs enough oomph for indoor and outdoor parties, private practice, gyms, corporate meetings, and can double as a PA system for schools.


We absolutely love the practicality of this little keyboard speaker. At 14.7lb, it packs light and has a handle to aid movement which is great for traveling keyboardists. No lugging heavy equipment around.


Further, the LyxPro offers multiple connections that you can use. Bluetooth capabilities, USB port, and SD card slot are available for seamless playback of music in MP3 and WMA formats. Comes with smart music controls for MP3 EQ controls, Mic input and XLR for your instruments as well as RCA and AUX input.


Some users connect the speaker to their smart TV for enhancement entertainment—think karaoke night with your loved ones. The speaker allows you to daisy chain multiple speakers to reach a larger crowd.


Overall, this is one of the best keyboard speakers for home use. It has a small footprint, no mounting issues, and with 91dB you’ll enjoy the beat all the way.



  • Highly versatile
  • Lightweight and portable
  • In-line jacks have separate volume controls
  • Reasonable pricing



  • Possible slight humming sound when the volume is turned up
  • Limited power


4. Behringer Eurolive B205D Ultra Compact Speaker System

Best Budget Buy


Behringer designs some of the best powered speakers for keyboards in the world, and this compact keyboard speaker is no different. Many users are both amazed and impressed by how loud this speaker gets and here’s why.


The speaker has 150 watts of power and amplifies sound through its premium-grade full-range 5.25 inches neodymium speaker. Yes, that doesn’t seem like much but then the speaker also uses Behringer’s revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology plus internal switch-mode power supplies to deliver noise-free punchy, and incredible sound.


While you may not have deep bass, the Eurolive B205D speaker provides clean and high-quality sound for intimate gigs, dance classes, the gym, home recording, and press conferences and among others (with minimal gear I might add). Some users even use their B205D speakers as soundbars for their TVs.


Equipped with a low noise 3-channel mixer that accepts TRS, XLR, and RCA input and there is a THRU socket that enables you to chain link other speakers to widen your scope. Channel 1 acts as a dedicated stereo input for CD, MP3, and keyboards. That’s not all, the speaker also features a dedicated 3-band equalizer for effective tonal control.


At 7 lb this keyboard speaker is super lightweight and compact. You can mount it on a mic stand or tabletop, or even place it on the piano or keyboard.  The unit carries a 3-year warranty.


Whether you’re in the market for a vocal or keyboard monitor or simply looking for a speaker that can amplify sound in an intimate setting, this Eurolive B205D speaker is an excellent all-in-one solution.



  • Clear sound
  • Affordable
  • Highly portable
  • Low power consumption



  • No separate EQ for individual input
  • Short power cable


5. PRORECK PARTY 15-Inch Powered Speaker System

Travelling Musicians Companion


If you’re looking for high performing full-range combo speaker system to rock parties and other live events, take a closer look at this Proreck party 15 powered speaker.


This 9-piece full-range speaker system comprises an active speaker, passive speaker, wired microphone, wireless remote control, 30ft long speakon cable, power cable, microphone cable, and two speaker stands.


It’s the perfect package for musicians who spend a lot of time on the road or anyone who performs at backyard weddings, anniversaries, and other social gatherings.


Through 2000 watts of power and 15-inch woofers, the unit magnifies audio powerfully allowing your audience to enjoy crispy clear sound. Additionally, once you connect the passive speaker to the active one, you’ll be able to enjoy amazing stereo surround.


Highly versatile with Bluetooth connectivity for your smart devices, USB/SD card input, FM radio, and RCA line input for connecting instruments, CD/DVD players, TVs, and MP3 players among others.


It also has an independent line in volume control, mic volume control, and a master volume control plus a built-in 5-band equalizer for tonal adjustment. And to top it off, the speaker has a large digital display that shows you the current mode.


The remote control is a great addition that allows you to switch mode, move to the next or previous song, play/pause or adjust the volume when you’re far away—in this case, up to 16 feet. Performers can create a super fun light show using the speakers’ built-in LED lights available in four different colors.


Weighing in at 81.6 lb which is quite heavy, but the manufacturer thoughtfully added wheels and carry handles to aid mobility.



  • Remote control functions
  • Transport wheels to ease mobility
  • 3 Built-in carry handles
  • Great customer service



  • No XLR inputs
  • No manual for the remote control




As we come to the end of our review of the best keyboard speakers, we trust you have found the information useful and a keyboard speaker that meets your needs. Our top recommendation is the Yamaha DBR15 Powered Speaker.


This powerful speaker from a world-renowned brand provides high-quality sound in high, mid-range, and low frequencies ideal for a wide range of applications. It’s stylish, lightweight, and doubles up as a personal monitor for stage performances.


Do you have any questions or comments? Let us know in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you.

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