Keyboard Or Digital Piano To Learn?

Do you start with a keyboard or digital piano?   This is one of the most frequent questions we receive at our blog. Many parents ask us which is the right instrument for their children to practice at home and follow the recommended learning rhythm. Usually guided by the teacher, they usually have some idea […]

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I Loved My Yamaha YPG 625 Digital Piano

Yamaha YPG 625 Digital Piano The Yamaha YPG 625 Digital Piano,  this was one of my favorite purchases. So much so I bought one after playing my friends not long after he bought one. I was really impressed by the actual piano but his love of it. He did a review and this was the […]

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Famous Blind Black Singer & Composers

Looking At Blind Black Singer Ray Charles & Company If you’ve never heard of Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder, you really must have been hiding under a rock. Art Tatum is possibly the least well known of these 3 outstanding musical maestros. Here we’ll have a look into the backgrounds and achievements of these leaders […]

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Keyboard Lessons Finding Your Way Around The Keyboard

Best Digital Piano Guide - close up of fingers playing keys

Keyboard Lessons To Start Out Let’s start our keyboard lessons with the most basic of basics, namely finding the locations of the different notes on the keyboard. When you are reading this, you should be seated at your piano or keyboard so that you can see what I am talking about. Studying something without that […]

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G Chord Piano Explained

Looking At G Chord Piano Alongside C Chord, the G Chord is among the first chords that you will learn while undertaking keyboard or piano lessons. In some materials you may find it referred to as the G Major triad, G Maj or the G Major. A chord involves playing three or more notes simultaneously […]

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Digital Piano Jargon

A Bit of Digital Piano Jargon   Finding the best electric piano weighted keys or do I need 88 keys? All important questions when choosing a piano or keyboard. If you’re still unsure which model or make is right for you, maybe we can make things easier by explaining a few of the terms used […]

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Learn Piano Chords & Scales

learn Piano Chords

If you want to learn Piano Chords and scales, you might be surprised at how easy it is. While many claim that playing the guitar is easier than piano, playing chords on the piano is a lot simpler than on guitar. In fact, in order to play your first chord, all you have to do […]

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Electric Piano Reviews

Yamaha P71

Trying to find a digital piano best suited to your needs it’s important to look at such factors as… Number of keys How realistic the piano sounds are How close it emulates a real piano to play Compactness and portability Functionality Cost (value for money)   Electric Piano Reviews What To Look For For now, […]

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Piano Notes For Beginners With Letters

piano notes for beginners with letters

Learning Piano Music Notes Music is an addiction. Though some listen to it for relaxing, some for passing time, there is also a category of people who breathe and live on music. Be it any genre – Rock, Metal, Blues or Jazz, the tones and sampling may be different but in the end they speak […]

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Digital Piano For Beginners

best digital piano for beginners

What is the best digital piano for beginners? This is a question that every aspiring keyboard player should ask themselves before investing in their first instrument. Chances are, however, the perfect keyboard for somebody else might not be so perfect for you. Deciding where to even begin your search can be a daunting task, so […]

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