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Digital Piano Purchase Tips

With the huge variety of different digital pianos on the market today, you need to find the best affordable digital piano. naturally any musician considering a purchase could probably use a few tips to help them make an informed decision. Every musician is different, so you’re bound to see all sorts of conflicting opinions on which digital piano has the best features, sound, playability, and value, but the perfect keyboard for another musician might not work so well for you. If you want to avoid wasting your money and make an informed decision, it’s important for you to know just what, exactly, you want in a digital piano. Whether you’re looking for a bare bones performance keyboard or a beautifully crafted wood-paneled keyboard to display in your home, you need to figure out which of the many digital pianos available would be the perfect fit for you.

The first thing most people notice when trying out a digital piano is the keyboard itself. If you haven’t actually played a digital piano before and have been searching for one online, I strongly suggest that you take a trip to your local music store and play a few. While most digital pianos use some sort of weighted keyboard, there are several different types to choose from. Some attempt to emulate the feeling of a felt-tipped hammer hitting a string, while others feature adjustable resistance. Some are simply spring loaded, more like your typical MIDI controller than an acoustic piano. Try out the different types available and see what works best for you.

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While the keyboard is very important, the main reason to buy a digital piano is for it’s piano sound. The first voice is usually some sort of sampled grand piano, but the way the samples were recorded and the way the keyboard plays the samples back has a huge impact on the overall quality of the sound. While some keyboards use a single-mic set of samples with preset panning to simulate a stereo image, others may use samples recorded in stereo instead. Some digital pianos play different samples depending on how hard you hit the keys. Others include separate samples for the sound of a note played normally and a note with the sustain pedal pressed, including the sympathetic vibrations of other strings. Some even have samples for a key being released, ending the note with the sound of a felt-tipped hammer gently muting the string rather than the sample fading out. You may not hear the difference between some sampling methods, and that’s fine. Those kinds of subtleties are made to appeal to players who are accustomed to playing an acoustic piano, and all of the subtleties and articulations that are possible with the instrument.

Whether you’re listening through built-in speakers, headphones, a keyboard amp, or a PA system makes a difference in the overall sound as well. When you listen to any keyboard you’re thinking of purchasing, consider how you’ll listen to it after you take it home. If you think you’ll usually just play through the built-in speakers, make sure they sound good. If you use an amp, ask the salesperson if you can hear what it sounds like through one of the store’s amps. Sometimes, there’s a huge difference between the way a keyboard sounds through it’s built-in speakers and through an amp. One keyboard may sound tinny through built in speakers, but it might sound beautiful through a more powerful sound system. Others may be calibrated to sound best on the small built-in speakers, and may sound off through a better sound system. You can always check out demonstrations on Youtube, but remember that the speakers or headphones you use can really color the sound.


Best deals On Digital Pianos



Williams Legato is an affordable digital piano with 88 semi-weighted keys

Naturally people are always on the lookout for the best deals on digital pianos, which is an important criteria. Another thing to consider is the form factor of the keyboard itself. If you plan on keeping your instrument at home for practice most of the time, then just about any kind of design will suit your needs. If you want to play out, then size, shape, and weight are all things that you should consider for obvious reasons. You should also decide whether you want something simple, or if you would prefer something with all of the bells and whistles. While some digital pianos only have the most basic volume, power, and voice selection controls, others allow you to adjust the tuning, dial in DSP effects, split the keyboard between two voices, or even layer multiple voices. If you don’t think you’d have any use for extra features like that, then you should probably go for something simple. If you’re more of a tweak head, on the other hand, then you’ll want to consider both what features are available and the way the controls are laid out. Some musicians are comfortable with menu diving, while others are more accustomed to a one-button-per-function design. Try out some different control schemes and figure out what works best for you.


Best Affordable Digital Piano Conclusion

There are so many different digital pianos available that choosing the right one for you can be an overwhelming process. Looking for the best deals on digital pianos, should never be rushed. If you do your research and figure out what you want before you make a purchase, chances are you’ll be a lot happier in the long run than you would be if you had jumped right in and bought the first one that caught your eye. You can find the best affordable digital piano, if you read reviews.  After all, the right instrument for the right musician can make all the difference!

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