Digital Piano For Beginners

best digital piano for beginners

What is the best digital piano for beginners? This is a question that every aspiring keyboard player should ask themselves before investing in their first instrument. Chances are, however, the perfect keyboard for somebody else might not be so perfect for you. Deciding where to even begin your search can be a daunting task, so it’s a good idea to see what sort of features are available, decide which ones would be useful for you, and do some research before you set out to buy your first digital piano.

Best Digital Piano Guide

Which To Choose

Since you’re just starting out on the instrument, chances are you’ll either end up taking some piano lessons or seeking out tutorials on the internet at some point before you can really start playing on your own. Certain digital pianos have features specifically designed for beginners who are trying to pick up the instrument for the first time. If you can it would be wise to look into pianos that come equipped with a headphone output. One suggested model is the Alesis Recital 88-Key, if you live someplace where noise complaints are common.

Extra Features Or Not?

However, if lessons are out of your price range, or if that just isn’t your style, many digital pianos have features designed to aid musicians who would rather teach themselves how to play than take lessons. If you fall under that category, then you might be interested in a keyboard with features like a built-in notation display. The Yamaha DGX660, for example, includes the Yamaha Education Suite, which allows you to learn songs step by step and isolate left and right hand parts so you can learn them separately.

Digital Piano For Beginners Suggestions

Another thing to consider is wether or not you plan on performing outside of your home. While the DGX660 I mentioned earlier is a great option for home use, it would be wildly impractical to drag something so large out to a gig. If you want something that can stand up to the wear and tear of live performance, you should take a thorough look at the physical characteristics of the digital pianos available before you make a decision.

88 Keys Keyboards

With an 88 key weighted keyboard, both size and weight can be an issue. Keyboards with a wood finish – while it certainly does look nice – usually weigh a bit more than those that don’t. Built-in speaker systems can add to the overall size of the instrument, making it difficult to carry. If you’re looking for something to do street performances with, however, it might be in your best interest to get something with a nice set of built-in speakers rather than carrying a keyboard amp with you as well. Possibly  you’re planning on taking your keyboard on stage with a band or as a solo artist, chances are you’ll be better off with something with stereo line level outputs so you can plug into the venue’s PA system or your own keyboard amp.

which digital piano for beginners

Maybe you’re looking for an instrument that can preform double duty as your backup band, many digital pianos feature a built-in set of drum samples. Others include pre-programmed accompaniment tracks, and others allow you to record and play back your performances. Some even have a duet mode that plays along with you based on what notes and chords you play. It is important to consider how you preform to decide if these extras are worth your money. While some solo artists prefer the sound of the piano by itself, you might want a full-band accompaniment, some drums, or another piano part to play along with.

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Best Digital Piano For Beginners Summary

As important as all of the features mentioned above can be, the most important thing to consider is the keyboard itself. Do you prefer the feel of acoustic piano keys to the feel of your typical MIDI controller, or would weighted keys impede your performance? Maybe you want a huge variety of different sounds at your fingertips, or would you prefer a keyboard that only does a few sounds very well? Or do you want to be able to alter your sound with built-in DSP effects, or do you just want your piano to sound like a piano?

Final Thoughts

In the end, the best digital piano for you is the one that has all of the features you want and as few of the ones you don’t as possible. It may not immediately jump out at you when you start your search, but if you know what you want and do your research, you’ll end up with an amazing instrument that will inspire you for years to come.

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