Piano Notes For Beginners With Letters

piano notes for beginners with letters

Learning Piano Music Notes

Music is an addiction. Though some listen to it for relaxing, some for passing time, there is also a category of people who breathe and live on music. Be it any genre – Rock, Metal, Blues or Jazz, the tones and sampling may be different but in the end they speak the same language i.e. the language of music. This mindless addiction leads hundreds of thousands of people to learning some musical instrument or the other, in an endeavor to make original music! One easy way to do that is to learn piano notes first, which as a method has been the conviction of a lot of top musicians!

For a beginner it is slightly difficult to learn piano notes. Learning musical notes is like learning to read and write a totally new language. It might seem impasse, but after thorough hard work, determination and dedication, it can be done. Yet it doesn`t happen overnight. One needs years and years of practice to be able to read notes and play simultaneously. But it is an amazing feeling and an ethereal experience to have achieved that feat. People who play in orchestra need to know these notes to be able to generate music in sync with the conductor.

As far as the lessons are concerned, there are plenty available online. It`s just a matter of a few clicks. It is always suggested to have a small sized piano for practicing while looking into the PC. Any enthusiast can then, look at the videos, articles, etc. available and learn. Records have shown that in this era of high technology and digital world most learners prefer online lessons and articles when they want to learn piano notes. It gives them the flexibility of their own home ad also timings which they might not get with a music school or a personal music teacher.


Piano Notes For Beginners 

The biggest aspect to learning musical language is not just learning the tones but also ear training. The learner should completely concentrate on the key being played to recognise the tone and baritone, irrespective of whether it`s a sharp/flat note or a natural note. To make it simpler, every piano has 7 white and 5 black keys. All white keys are natural notes from A to G while the rest 5 are sharp/flat notes. Understanding piano notes for beginners with letters is a natural starting point.

The best focus when musicians  want to learn piano notes comprises of 3 words – practice, practice and practice. Even though music is an art, it can be mastered by learning techniques and practicing them again and again. It helps them retain the chords as well the tone every note generates, in their sub-conscious mind. Musicians should be sure to allocate some time from their entire day to practicing, everyday. Because one day`s lost practice would mean 2 day`s extra hard work. When a musician starts his journey to learn piano notes few principles should be kept in mind. These are Persistence, Dedication, Concentration and lots and lots of practice.

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