Sustain Pedal with Piano Style Action

sustain pedal for yamaha keyboard

Sustain Pedal Overview

One of the greatest musical instruments is the piano. Many musical masterpieces involve extensive use of the keyboard, but ever since people have started experimenting with instruments, new and more advanced pieces have come out which have provided an amazing sound and taken music itself to a whole new level.

An electronic or digital keyboard was introduced as an alternative to an acoustic piano. It brought about a little variation to the sound and made it more upbeat. To change the sound further, many pianists use pedals.

One of the most common types of pedals is the sustain pedal which is used to sustain the damped strings. The pedal moves away all the dampers from the strings, which leaves them free to vibrate. If you are looking for a good sustain pedal, you might want to consider the M-Audio SP-2. It is easy to use with a classic style and can be used with any electric keyboard.

There are many reasons to purchase this product, most of which are listed below. You will also find out how to use it with your keyboard.

sustain pedal for yamaha keyboard



Classic Style

There are many different pedal styles available, but no one beats the traditional style. It is easy to use and can be connected with almost any type of digital keyboard. The sound produced will be of excellent quality.

Impressive Design

There can be confusion when you get a different style pedal. It would take you some time before you get the hang of it, especially if you are used to the old kind. However, if you use this product, you will instantly get used to the design as it is comfortable and build to feel exactly like the pedals that come with an acoustic piano.

sustain pedal

Slip Resistant

The biggest problem that you may face with a pedal is that it slips away when being used. This particular product comes with rubber bottom grips that ensure the pedal remains in place at all times. You will face no difficulty in using it.

High Quality

The quality of the pedal will have a direct impact on the sound that is being produced. If you have a low-quality pedal, the chances are that it would not be too effective in pulling away the dampers. However, when you get a high-quality product like this one, which is made from chrome and has expressive half pedal capabilities, you will get an amazing sound as it will ensure all dampers are away so that the strings get a chance to vibrate freely.


It is always good for a consumer to go for a product that comes with a warranty. This way if you ever have problems with it, you can get it fixed or exchanged.

Cable and Jack

You will need to connect the pedal with the digital keyboard and to do that, you need a cable and a jack. The cable needs to be long enough to reach the floor and should allow you to keep it in a place where your foot can reach. Also, always make sure that the jack is the size that fits the keyboard.


Sustain Pedal Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for a sustain pedal for Yamaha keyboard (or for any other brand) then it’s worth checking all options available. We’ve covered the basics here in this article to help you choose a great sustain pedal with piano style action for electronic keyboards. Personally we use and recommend the M-Audio SP-2 which you can order here, but there are others available to purchase.


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