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Why You Need Caster Cups For Your Hardwood Floor

If you own a large digital piano such as a Yamaha YDP143R , you will probably look upon it as your treasured baby, giving it pride of place in the living room or the hall of your home. That being the case, when it comes to cleaning or from time to time if you need to move the furniture in the room around for a function or to decorate, you’ll want to take car of the piano but also your flooring. It’s easy to assume that these keyboards are easy to shove to move them, but then again, you do not want it ruining your hardwood floor as it would cost you a fair sum of money to get it back in shape.

Caster Cups For Your Floor

You don’t have to compromise when you have both a piano and a hardwood floor. That’s what piano casters for hardwood floors are designed for.
Supports up to 500 lbs per caster cup (227 kg) 4 cups per pack make these an ideal purchase.

Piano casters are a support system for your piano, preventing it from rolling on the floor or ruining the wood. I need to point out here, these are also great for preventing damage to most types of flooring, not just hardwood. So if you have carpet in the room, these work well on this too.

Why You Need Piano Casters

  • To Manage the Weight

Pianos are quite heavy and no matter the resilience of hardwood, eventually the 400-1,200lbs of a grand piano will wear it out. The weight will bore indentations into the floor, which may require that you repair the entire floor. Those caster wheels need cups to spread the load throughout the spot where the piano stands.

  • To Prevent Rolling

Piano legs have wheels to make movement easy. They roll off easily, and a moving 400lb piano could hurt someone badly. That aside, they are quite exposed and so you could easily slam your toenails into the small wheel. Caster cups prevent these likely scenarios, keeping you and your household safe.

  • Move the Piano Safely

Seeing as you cannot carry it on your back, you will pull or push the piano when moving it. Those little wheels will scratch your hardwood floor so bad that you may need to replace it. Luckily, piano caster cups for hardwood floors prevent that from happening.

Sound harbor PA 15 ABS Plastic Material,Grand Piano Caster Cups



Factors To Consider With Piano Caster Cups

  • Size

The most important thing to consider will be the size of your piano’s wheel. You want to measure the wheel and see what would fit perfectly. The width of the wheel is what matters as opposed to the length. Also how many cups do you need, as they come in packs of 4 or sometimes 3, which are more suited to grand pianos.

  • Material

The material will be for aesthetics and longevity of the cup. Seeing as your floor is hardwood, you may want the cup to match it. Hardwood caster cups are not only stylish, but they also fit a variety of casters, including double-wheeled. You get them in ebony, mahogany, and a host of other hardwood varieties.

Lucite cups are made of Lucite plastic, which is both rugged and shiny, but most importantly durable. This caster cup is virtually indestructible. They come in black, clear, and brown.

Piano caster cups are not only functional, but they also add style to your home. Get a set today.








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